Lauren Baker is an artist on the rise. Secret Theatre were blessed to work with her on designs regarding the production. Bakerʼs most intricate work; The Crystal Tiger is a lifesize tiger head sculpture encrusted with 35,000 Swarovski crystals. World-renowned luxury

shoe designer Jimmy Choo endorsed and unveiled The Crystal Tiger at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The artwork, which was modelled by trend-setting actress Jaime Winstone, fetched £10.5k at auction on 21st March 2013 for the tiger conservation charity Save Wild Tigers.


With only 3,500 tigers left in the wild, tigers could become extinct within 10 years. Deforestation, urbanisation and the illegal trade of tiger parts all threaten the wild tiger. This is why we have chosen to donate to Save


The Wild Tigers for this production,

"A dazzling piece of art"

Dato' Professor Jimmy Choo

"A beautiful and symbolic sculpture"

Harry Handelsman, CEO Manhattan Loft co, the owner of the

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel


"This stunning sculpture has been created to raise

awareness of the tigerʼs plight"

Simon Clinton, founder of Save Wild Tigers


Tiger Tracks is presented by Save Wild Tigers, a global conservation awareness and fund-raising initiative set up by Simon Clinton in partnership with two leading conservation charities, the Born Free Foundation and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). They have joined forces to end the illegal trade in tiger parts and protect tigers in the wild. The artwork, which took over two months to create, was auctioned to raise critically important funds for targeted tiger conservation projects.







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